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Welcom to The Industrial Innovation Award platform

Innovation is key to promoting economic growth, increasing competitiveness and providing new job opportunities. Turning Egypt into a creative and innovative society will significantly improve Egypt’s position on the global market, as well as help to increase its exports. Networking, communication, and cooperation among different stakeholders and across sectors are vital ingredients for achieving this objective.

The Industrial Innovation Award, implemented by the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) and the German International Cooperation (GIZ) - on behalf of The German Federal Ministry For Economic Cooperation And Development (BMZ), aims at acknowledging and supporting Egyptian industrial companies that have an implemented product, service or process innovation, that led to higher profits, cost savings, job creation or exports promotion.

Who We Are

Innovation Management

The platform and award aim to train all companies within the innovation community according to the latest innovation tools

Innovation Award

The award is concerned with promoting the concept of innovation in order to keep pace with international methods.


reports, award news and best practices in industry innovation.

The strategic objectives of the industrial innovation platform

Enhancing the ability of Egyptian companies in the targeted sectors to innovate and improve performance
Increase awareness of the innovative institutions and innovations that have been made in Egypt, which make them role models in the industry
Encouraging private sectors to receive ideas related to development and innovation
Developing the industrial field in order to achieve the state's strategy for the development of industry

“Efficiency and quality in innovation is the goal of the joint Egyptian-German industrial experience”



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